Control of Work – The Glue That  Holds Work Control Procedure Together

Our control of work application, WorkSafe®, supports organisations that operate in potentially hazardous work environments in safety critical industries. WorkSafe® is an Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSoW) product, the glue that holds many work control procedures together – from risk assessments to permit to work, energy isolations, confined space entry and lifting operations. 

The Safety Management Software Designed To Keep You & Your Workforce Safe
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Minimise The Impact Of Risks On Your Business

Minimize The Impact Of Risks On Your Business

Every business encounters risks, however you can take the necessary steps to reduce the impact it may have on your business. The software achieves this with risk prediction and notifying employees about any irregularity in operational compliance.
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Real-Time Alerts With Integrated Risk Management

Streamline safety management processes so that when the software detects a potential hazard, it can set off alerts to employees. Employees can then mitigate the hazard and prevent accidents from taking place.
Real-Time Alerts With Integrated Risk Management


Key Features

Easily collect, analyze and share information

Easily collect, analyze and share information

Streamline processes across your organization

Assign corrective & preventive measures

Track important data and gain real-time insights

Report incidents in real time

Send out real-time alerts to affected employees

Generate and retrieve in-depth incident reports


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Gain A Deeper Insight Into Workplace Health & Safety

A human has the tendency to overlook potential hazards. Minimise accidents, maintain employee wellbeing, and keep your business moving forward with safety management software today.